We Are Working at Improving How We Serve You Everyday

Hello 🙂

During the Movement Control Order, we have worked tirelessly to support and meet as many of the grocery and daily essentials needs of our customers as we could. This has resulted in MyGroser being able to consistently stay open, delivering everyday throughout the MCO to date. We do this as we worked to support the needs of our customers and to support you.

Despite our best efforts however, we have seen some orders being sent out without their complete list of items. For this, we apologise.

Our intention it to always do as much as we can to help our customers Stay Home, Stay Safe.

Working through this period, our people have done their best and we are learning everyday how to better. We are humbled to have served you and we remain committed to doing so again in the future.

We also know that there have been some questions being posed about how things work during the MCO – let us help answer a few of those here.


We have heard from some of you that you are concerned over the refund process and how it works – let us help you understand where we are with that. Firstly all refunds are processed automatically by our Customer Care team through refund@mygroser.com. 

During the MCO, the time for this has unfortunately extended as we dealt with circumstances that we had never seen before, and had not been prepared for. Today however, we are processing refunds to Store Credit within 7 working days from the date of delivery.

Store Credit

As our terms and conditions state, we offer only Store Credit for any out of stock items and refunds. However, if you feel that you require a cash refund instead, we will review your request on a case by case basis. This does take a while however as we are focused on handling refunds, deliveries and making sure that we fix supply issues first. This is part of us supporting the need to protect you, our customers, by helping you Stay Home, Stay Safe.

Missed Refunds

In some instances, we may miss a refund request. In that case, if you have not received your refund and it is more than 7 working days from your date of delivery please send us an email a trefund@mygroser.com.

Out of Stock

When orders are placed, we have been promised the arrival of fresh products by suppliers. However, despite their best efforts, suppliers have struggled to meet delivery times through the MCO.

This is a function of the situation and has been improved. Today, we are pleased to say that a small percentage of items remain affected by these inconsistencies and we are working with suppliers to handle this better. Where the products do not arrive however, we will issue a refund to you typically within 7 working days from the date of your delivery.

Tell us when things are out of stock before sending

This unfortunately has not been a function that we had prior to the MCO – and building it during the period is not something we could do. We are working on reducing the amount of time it takes for a refund to happen from the date of delivery to help make this situation better. We do expect to see this becoming less of an issue as the greater number of suppliers are able to better deliver as promised.

What’s next

We are working hard to address this as we come to the end of the MCO and return to our normal business operations including:

Suppliers will be able to more regularly deliver the promised stocks to us so we can send them to you

Refunds will be processed quicker to Store  Credit and move to a more normal 5 to 7 working days – and eventually quicker than that

Delivery slots will be returning to their “time of delivery” option rather than just dates as they are now

We apologise for any shortcomings of the service during the MCO. We are working hard to improve it, and we hope that you stay with us and continue to give us your suggestions for improvement as we continue to develop the service.

If you require any assistance, please email us at help@mygroser.com and we will reply to you as soon as we are able – this may take some time as we deal with the volume of enquiries. However, all enquiries will be answered. We wish you the best, and remind you to Stay Home, Stay Safe.

The team at MyGroser