Month: February 2021

Recreate Your Fast Food Favourites At Home

As the saying goes, “New Year, New Me”. We just landed in 2021 but it looks like we’ll be staying indoors for a little while longer so let’s indulge in some self-care. Set aside time to meditate, read a book, work up a sweat and more importantly, keep that tummy happy because being hangry is a real problem. 

Foster your inner kitchen maven this new year by recreating some of your fast food favourites with MyGroser, Malaysia’s first independent online grocery store. We promise absolutely finger licking great recipes made with the freshest ingredients that you can get delivered straight to your doorstep 😉

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Your Essential Lockdown Guide

So we’re still at home again, for Season 2 (or is it 3?) of the Great Malaysian Lockdown. All the familiar faces are back this season and you’ve gotten to know them well in 2020. The Home Chef, The Workout Wonder, The Zoom Caller, Mr and Mrs Conspiracy, The Yogis, The TP Hoarders and many more. Sure, you’re probably a pro at the local supermarket when it comes to getting what you need, but why not skip the long queues and get your essentials delivered to the comfort of your own home. 

Not sure what to buy? Well, here’s a curated list of essential items you could store at home, whilst keeping safe when you order directly from 

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WFH: 5 Simple 5 Minute Meals To Try

As Malaysians continue to stay indoors, many are working from the comfort of their home. While WFH can come with its perks, it can be quite a challenge to strike a work life balance when the boundaries are blurred. 

Working mom and dads, we hear you! It’s definitely not easy to take care of your LO when you’re zooming between conference calls. Here are 5 simple 5 minute meals that are all pleasure and zero guilt! 

  1. Chicken Fajita wrap with avocado mash, salad leaves & tomatoes

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

Ingredients:1 Avocado ½ Lemon2 Wholegrain Wraps200g of Chicken FilletA handful of Salad leavesA handful of Cherry tomatoes

Perfect for mums who are juggling between prepping quick meals for the kids and yourself, these easy Chicken Fajita wraps are a lifesaver. To save yourself some time, marinade some chicken fillets in paprika, salt and pepper, and grill them up the night before; and pop them in the refrigerator. 

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