Quick Curries – A Healthy Alternative at Home

It seems nowadays with life’s frantic pace, people seem to seek comfort as much as they do convenience. As Malaysians, the urge to want to satisfy these cravings for comfort (with a home cooked curry of course) comes second to none. The only thing that stops us the majority of the time is the fact that we’ve got to go out, look for the freshest of ingredients (which isn’t always available at one place) and then come back home and put it all together.

We’re also faced with the daily dilemma of ordering off delivery services, where prices are much higher just for a single person to have a meal. Why not spend the same amount and serve 2 or even 4 in the family? Cooking at home is not only cost effective but it is also therapeutic and a much healthier option versus ordering processed meals outside. Why not make your own meals, in just 20-30 minutes with fresh and healthy ingredients whilst impressing everyone with your culinary skills?

So here’s a list of some curries you can prepare in a hurry optimizing your time, convenience all whilst providing you with the biggest bang for your buck. And best of all, it’s delivered right to your doorstep!


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1x AACHI Andra Fish Curry Masala 50g,
2x Frozen Tenggiri Slice Belly Parts (M) 210g +/-,
1x Biji Sawi 30G
1x Fenugreek Seeds (Biji Halba) +/- 0.20g
1x Daun Kari 20g1x Red Onion 2s
1x White Garlic 1s1x tomato 2s
1x Penguin Asam Jawa 200g

Andhra Pradesh which is located in the south eastern coastal region of India is famously known all around the world for its seafood. So it’s only natural that some of India’s best fish curry comes from there. Here’s how you can prepare this spicy yet flavourful traditional south indian gravy! 

Firsty start off by frying the biji sawi, fenugreek seeds, onions, peeled garlic, curry leaves and tomatoes! Then add the Aachi Fish Curry Masala, 400ml of water, tamarind pulp and coconut paste. 

Then add in 150 ml of water and finally add the tenggiri fish and desired quantity of salt. Cook for roughly 20 minutes till the fish is cooked.

This dish is best served piping hot!

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1x AACHI Chicken Manchurian Masala
50g2 x Chicken Bone In Cube 500g +/-
1x Green Capsicum +/- 100g
1x Spring Onion (Daun Bawang) +/-50g

Though the origins of the infamous Machurian which has become one of India’s most famous preparation styles has come to question, many agree that Nelson Wang a third generation Chinese chef born in India is the man who invented the simple yet scrumptious recipe from his famous kitchen at the Cricket Club of India, in Mumbai! 

To 50g of AAchi Chicken Manchurian Masala add 2.1/2 cups of water. Allow the sauce to come to a boil and then simmer for a couple minutes. The fried chicken is then added into the sauce and cooked for one minute until the sauce has thickened. Garnish the dish with 1/2 cup of spring onion and prepared capsicum! 

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1x AACHI Mutton Curry Masala 200g
1x Frozen Australia Boneless Mutton Trunk cube (2x2inch) 1Kg+/-
1x Red Onion 2s1x tomato 2s
1 x Potato 2s1x Daun Kari 20g
1x White Garlic 1s

After pressure cooking the mutton with ginger paste, turmeric powder and water till tender, heat the oil to fry the onions and garlic paste till fragrant. Then add the chopped tomatoes and cook until they’re soft. Once done, add in Aachis Mutton Masala and cook till the oil separates. Then add in the pressure cooked meat and desired amount of salt. Make sure you cook with the lid closed to ensure the mutton remains tender! 

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So here at MyGroser, we’ve put your convenience and the demand for fresh ingredients to whip up these delectable curries at the forefront of our goals as a company! We want to get the freshness of ingredients to your doorstep paired with the best value all at the snap of a finger (more accurately the click of a phone screen). *finger snap* 

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