Month: June 2021

Help Save MyGroser

Dear Customers and friends of MyGroser,

  • We need your help today to keep delivering groceries to you for the rest of the year.
  • Buying a voucher today gives us a chance to stay open; and gives you even greater discounts over the next three months.

Where we are now (TL;DR)

In order to continue to serve you, we need to raise at least RM800,000. These funds will be used for operations, products and delivery costs. To do this, we are making available up to 5,000 store credit vouchers to our customers. If we are able to sell them now, we will be able to keep operating and serving you.

To purchase them, you just have to visit MyGroser (online or on your mobile app) and purchase the voucher. 

Important: If we sell less than RM800,000 worth of vouchers by midnight on Sunday (6th June 2021), we will return the entire amount of purchased vouchers back to our customers and be forced to consider closing the business. In that situation, MyGroser will no longer be able to deliver groceries to you.

Help Save MyGroser

Today, we write to you with a heavy heart and to ask for your help to save MyGroser from shutting down in the near future. The past year has been tough for all of us. Through this period, we have been privileged and happy to deliver groceries to you all every day, 7 days a week, rain or shine! We have done our best to keep prices fair, delivery costs low (or FREE!), and to ensure that all products are fresh.

This has been important as the repeated lock downs have seen us looking after senior citizens, young families, single people, and our hardworking frontliners. It has been our greatest pleasure to do so and we aim to continue to do this for a long time to come. This has been part of our focus on providing you value, convenience, reliability, quality and fresh produce to your doorstep.

Especially now and for the rest of the year when grocery delivery that you can trust is so important and needed.
However doing this has required a tremendous investment by the founding members of MyGroser both in time and money. While we work to find investors to help us grow and stay and serve; it has been as a struggle to find the right match. We have also not yet received promised investments and now find ourselves running out of time and money to keep our business going.

The last six months in particular have been a struggle and with the recent closure that we self imposed after a suspected close contact Covid-19 situation (thankfully it was all negative!) – well, things have gotten even harder for us as we lost a week’s worth of product in the process.

How these vouchers work

We will be making available 5 vouchers for purchase. Their values are:

  • RM 150 in store credit + 5 % monthly rebates (for three months)
  • RM 200 in store credit + 5 % monthly rebates (for three months)
  • RM 250 in store credit + 7 % monthly rebates (for three months)
  • RM 350 in store credit + 8 % monthly rebates (for three months)
  • RM 500 in store credit + 10% monthly rebates (for three months)


  • There is no maximum number of vouchers per customer.
  • Please note that 1/3 of the store credit value you purchased will be deposited in your MyGroser account every month. 
  • Rebates will be calculated on total purchases per month and deposited in your MyGroser account every month.

We hope that you believe in what we are working to do and will help us accomplish it. Thank you for taking the time to consider our request.

MyGroser Team.