150 Malaysia Together grocery packs delivered! #MYtogether #MYbersama

150 grocery packs were delivered on Saturday, 03 July 2021 to families in need thanks to generous donors like you.

This first set of Malaysia Together deliveries were done especially quickly through private donors who have quickly stepped up. They helped us pay for the essential items that were needed for these RM100 grocery care packs. The more you contribute, the faster we will get grocery care packs to families in need. All contributions through this campaign will be directed on a not-for-profit basis to the campaign.

Any amount helps – RM25 or RM25,000 – it all makes a difference.

For instance, a RM100 donation through Malaysia Together can help a family of four with their essentials for up to 10 days.

Find the vouchers at www.mygroser.com and let’s all help Malaysia Together today.