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Want RM200? Do you have 8 friends? Check out how here!

TLDR: We want to give you and your friend RM25 each. Find out how by reading more below!


It’s our birthday (or soon will be) and we wanted to thank all you awesome people who have supported us through the past two years.

We know you’ve been telling your friends all about us – so here’s a treat for you.

We’d like to reward both you and your friends for spreading the word about MyGroser.

That way, you enjoy the rewards in store credit, and we get to deliver groceries to even more people who need it!

Seems like an awesome one-of-a-kind deal to us!

Go ahead, spread the code and show us some love … you’ll have our thanks and some sweet store credits for your next grocery purchase too!

Real simple:

  1. Use your referral code to help your friends and family sign up with MyGroser
  2. When they sign up and make their first order with us we reward you both
  3. You both get RM25 each in store credit when your friend makes their first order, and receives it. This means they have completed the entire experience at least one time.
  4. Tell more people, get more credit, and enjoy even better deals on your groceries

Reminder: Creating multiple accounts for yourself and referring yourself is flattering as we know you love us. But please don’t – it’s against our terms and conditions. Instead, enjoy the awesome prices and convenience we offer + get free store credits by telling your other friends about us 🙂

And yes – you can refer and earn rewards for as many friends as you like – not just 8. This special referral reward is available for a limited time only so hurry!

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MyGroser x Maybank to help feed children, seniors, and families in need

You have all been awesome in supporting MyGroser’s Malaysia Together initiative to feed families in need. This year, we’ve already helped 800 families through your generous contributions. Now, in addition to our Malaysia Together vouchers (available at – you can now support  children, seniors, and families in need through our collaboration with leading Malaysian bank, Maybank here!

MyGroser is working with Maybank through its Sama-Sama Lokal platform to offer Jaga Lokal Care Packs to children and senior citizen care homes across the Klang Valley. Help us raise funds for homes in need to ensure that the children and senior’s they care for get the nutrition, food and care that they need. Our goal is to raise funds to provide additional Grocery Care Packs at 5 homes across the Klang Valley and to support families in need.

How to contribute to the Jaga Lokal Care Pack:

Follow this link – – from 23 August to 03 September 2021 and buy a care pack by donating to the campaign via Maybank2U. 

How does your contribution help:

RM100 in contributions allows us to provide basic essentials for a family of 4 for two weeks. 

Each home we are supporting is able to feed their residents for RM3,000 for between 2 weeks to a month. 

Your dollars combined, will help us get them what they need.

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Malaysia, Together. Malaysia, Bersama.

There are hungry people who need food and groceries now. We want to help – and we know you want to help as well.

This is why we are launching Malaysia, Together (Malaysia, Bersama) – our not-for-profit initiative – today. It is a way for everyday people like you, organisations, communities, and our partners to work together quickly to help feed hungry people across the Klang Valley. We are pleased to say that MyTukar, a leading local business, has already signed on to support the initiative through volunteers and some fundraising support.

As a service that is focused on providing everyday value in pricing, freshness in the food and groceries we offer, we find ourselves deeply concerned over the mounting numbers of families who are struggling to provide meals for their children, senior citizens and themselves. This past year has been hard on all of us – and MyGroser wants to help.

You can too — just buy a Malaysia, Together voucher now, and it will help us feed a hungry family.

What is Malaysia, Together?

Malaysia, Together (Malaysia, Bersama) is an effort by us to gather money for grocery & food care packs, supplies, support, and volunteers. These will go entirely towards paying for food packs of grocery essentials, delivering these to the people and communities who need it, and helping people to help each other.

No amount is too small. While we may all be able to offer a little as individuals – those small contributions become large when we combine them.

MyGroser will provide the groceries and food items on a not-for-profit basis, pack the grocery care packs, and also deliver them directly or through the help of our partners.

Updates will be shared on our social media and we will also provide occasional updates to those who have contributed to the effort on email as well.

How to Help

  1. Go to MyGroser and create a FREE account
  2. Look for the Malaysia, Together (MYtogether) vouchers on our website ( or on the front page of your mobile apps (iPhone & iPad and Android)
  3. Pick as many vouchers as you want and place them in your cart
  4. Choose any date, time, and your address. The specific date and time do not matter but is required for checkout
  5. The voucher amount you purchase will be added to a common fund
  6. The funds collected will be used to purchase supplies that are then sent to those who need them

Who Will Benefit?

Families, homes and organisations, that reach out to us through our Assistance Request Form
Social and community activists and NGOs that are working with us to identify and deliver food supplies to those who need it.

We will provide updates on what has been achieved as we go along on both our social channels and directly to those who have contributed to this effort.

Some of the recent results of the effort

150 grocery packs were delivered on Saturday, 03 July 2021 to families in need thanks to generous donors like you.

This first set of Malaysia Together deliveries were done especially quickly through private donors who have quickly stepped up. They helped us pay for the essential items that were needed for these RM100 grocery care packs. The more you contribute, the faster we will get grocery care packs to families in need. All contributions through this campaign will be directed on a not-for-profit basis to the campaign.

Any amount helps – RM25 or RM25,000 – it all makes a difference.

For instance, a RM100 donation through Malaysia Together can help a family of four with their essentials for up to 10 days.

Find the vouchers at and let’s all help Malaysia Together today.